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Moderator Guidelines

Following is the rules and guidelines for all moderators of Sycamore Meadow Coven's forums. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement please contact us on Google+  or by email. Thank you for joining our team!

General Forum Rules

  • Rudeness, insulting others, personal attacks, threats or inflammatory posts will not be tolerated. Debate the topic not the person.
  • Repeat, redundant posting to increase post counts is discouraged. (Google will usually mark these as spam. Check the message. Some may be useful for the group. Read the post and make a decision.)
  • No advertising, spamming, solicitation or commercial self promotion will be allowed. (We have a category for members to post awesome witchy shops. This is a one time listing only.)
  • Discussions of any illegal activities is prohibited.
  • No posting of lewd comments, language or photos.
  • No posting of misleading or irrelevant comments, stay on topic. (This rule is usually enforced only for religious posts - Christian items. Posting about general life activities is normally allowed unless it's all they post. We are not a diary forum.)
  • No posting of disturbing material (benign images that suddenly change to a screaming face)

    Moderator Responsibilities

    • Visit the forum daily (yes life gets in the way for us all we don't fuss when it does, please try to post several times a week). 
    • Find new content to get people talking. This is one of your biggest responsibilities. Without engagement from the community it can and will die off.
    • Accept new members to the community.
    • Keep posts clean and move off-topic posts to appropriate categories.
    • Answer questions members may have. Most of the time you can google the answer quickly and give them a link. New witches are looking for confirmation that they are doing things right. People in general stress "new stuff". 
    • Communicate with unruly members and advise them of the consequences of disruptive behavior.
    • Remind members the cauldron is a giant pot open to all witches. New witches get hung up on "Wicca Rede" often. This is something you will have to remind them off regularly.
    • Remove postings when necessary so that they confirm to the forum's content guidelines. (Normally Renee handles this once a month).

    Moderator Conduct

    To promote cohesiveness and decorum, moderators are held to a higher code of conduct. This code is intended to preserve neutrality, authority and confidentiality. Below is a list of suggestions for your consideration. Prospective moderators should agree to:

    • Be respectful of all members, each other, and represent your community with professionalism;
    • Be discreet and maintain confidentiality regarding moderator activities and member information;
    • Consider member feelings before hitting the submit button, both in public forums and private conversation;
    • Deleting member posts should be done only after conferring with the forum admin or other moderators.

    Moderation Tips

    • Be professional: Personality is good but don't take liberties or get lazy. Try to use correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization when you're typing. How you present yourself reflects upon our community and people's perceptions.
    • Watch out for trolls and spammers. Always be vigilant and proactively seek them out and take action to minimize their annoying posts.
    • Watch for members abusing other members. Don't tolerate flaming; disagreements are fine but any more than that will discourage guests from joining and drive quality members from our community. Make sure everyone has a chance to participate.
    • Watch being timid. It is sometimes hard to be the boss.

    Consequences of Disruptive Behavior

    • 1st offence - verbal warning to behave better.
    •  2nd offence - final verbal warning. 
    • 3rd offence - block member (do not just kick, actually "block" them from returning).

    New To Communities

    You'll start to see notifications when someone asks to join. Click on the notification and you'll see one or more people on the waiting list (or none, if another Mod has already gotten to it). Click on person to view their profile. Checking the profile and scan  their posts and communities lists (if possible) to get a sense of what kind of person s/he is and whether they seem like a good fit for the group. Once you've made a decision, go back to the waiting list and click the 3 little dots to the far right of their name. Then select accept, ignore, or ban from community from the drop-down menu.

    Couple of notes from Deb Smith, moderator:

    • We want members who are people, not businesses. Plenty of our members have businesses, but they are admitted on the basis of being a contributing member, not peddling their wares.
    • Watch out for fake profiles and spammers.
    • Spammers you can spot by the fact that they have little or no connection to witchcraft and they've posted exactly the same message to a dozen different communities.
    • Fake profiles usually have no profile picture or a generic image and very minimal info other than gender. They may have a handful of people in their circles, but if you click on those people you'll find that they have nothing in their profiles either.
    • Once in a while I see an account where there are maybe 2 posts, both dated 50+ weeks old, nothing else. And the first thing they do after a year is ask to join the Cauldron?? Not likely. I assume those are hacked accounts, and they get the same treatment as the fakes and spammers.


    So basically you will be feeding posts into the community, babysitting behavior, answering questions, & hopefully having fun!

    Special Thanks to Rowan Lothel & Deb Smith for this guide.

    SMC Moderator Guide

    Moderator Guidelines Reviewed by Renee D Frey on 6:18 PM Rating: 5 F ollowing is the rules and guidelines for all moderators of Sycamore Meadow Coven's forums. If you have any questions or suggestions fo...

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