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Why Do We Keep Records?

Records are an important process within the coven and your lives. They provide a record of activity you can trace over time to measure success, failures, and changes. This is your personal metaphysical genealogy.

The logs you are required to keep within the coven is a personal journal, ritual log, reading log (book report), meditation records, and hands on experiment record. We have also provide a networking log for your personal use.

Each coven will keep a log of meetings, coven minutes of administrative meetings, ritual record of group workings, and medical forms for terra meetings (none online meetings).

Templates can be located in the library>grimoire>templates inside Google drive. They are in PDF format that can be filled out easily on the computer with adobe reader. You can also print them and fill them out by hand if you wish.

RITUAL LOG - Witches & Wiccans
The Ritual Log will be filled out each time you do a spell, life rite, or ritual. Basically, anytime you work magic you need to record the results on the log. Of all logs this one is a must. As time goes by you will be able to see your personal results and you will find where you power is the strongest. For example some witches find they have better results at the dark moon by removing items from their lives better than at the full moon bringing items into their lives. Some have found they have stronger power during the spring time or when Aries is in power. These things you will not notice unless you keep this log.

The reading log is an important tool. It helps you to keep track of the books you have read and a summary of the book so you can find information faster. You will need to turn these in at the end of each program.

Your journal will not be read by any member including your coven leader unless you grant permission. The journal is there for you to log your feelings, experiences, frustrates, hopes, joys, and etc. If anyone is pressuring you to share your journal tell your Coven Leader. S/he will deal with this matter swiftly.
There’s no limit to exactly what you can write in this part of your records. It’s the intimate reflections of everything that’s going on in, and around, your life on all levels (mental, physical, and spiritual). Do, however, make time to read this over regularly so it can become a tool for self-actualization and change.
A few of the ideas you want to place in your journal is daily reflections, meditation and visualization notes, ritual notes, divination notes, random observations, birthday writings, holiday writings, nature notes, etc.

Dreams: Dream dictionaries are a nice place to start with learning dream’s symbol meanings but each personal can and will have symbols that mean different things. As a starting guide we try to keep you away from the dream dictionaries. If you get one keep in mind that the meanings can be wrong. Dreams are not a true science. Our subconscious uses dreams to talk, teach, and get a grasp of our experiences and problems. Do not feel ashamed about what you dream. They are just that, a dream. They do not reflect who you are. They are symbols of your experiences and future reflections or experiences to be.
Daily Reflections: When you get up in the morning or before you go to bed, write for a few minutes. What do you hope to achieve personally and spiritually today? What things bothered you during the day and why? How do you want to handle these things tomorrow?

Meditation and Visualization Notes: Many people use meditation and visualization as a way of improving personal comprehension and perspective. So, when you have a particularly poignant experience, your insights about is should be added to your log. Otherwise, you may simply want to note the success or failure of the meditation in that portion of your grimoire.

Ritual Notes: Some rituals go smoothly, others do not. Some raise an amazing amount of power that transforms everyone present, others do not. So, after you've attended a ritual or cast a spell it is often helpful to make notes about what went right or wrong, what you liked or disliked and why, and what portions held the greatest amount of meaning for you.

Divination Notes: If you get readings or do them for yourself, it’s very important to keep notes about them. Even though the reading is likely to make sense right now, you will often find that it has another meaning altogether in the future.

Random Observations: Once you begin practicing magic, you’ll find that ideas about various magical procedures and philosophies will come to you at the oddest times, triggered by unexpected things. So, carry a small notebook, notebook app on your phone, or do a voice record; whenever possible make note of those observations as they come. Then, once a week or so review the notes and see which ones you’d like to keep in this portion of your journal, and transfer them accordingly. As you do, don’t overlook the opportunity to add a little more substance if the observation motivates and inspires it. And leave plenty of room for later additions or reflections to.

Birthday Writings: Each year on your birthday spend a little time musing about the previous year, what you accomplished, and where you are hoping to go in the days ahead. The following years, re-read all the previous entries, and then add a new one. They’ll teach you much about yourself, your dreams, your accomplishments, and the like that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Holiday Writings: What does each juncture of the Wheel of Life mean to you? Does this change from year to year, mirroring the changes you’re experiencing within? Writing in your journal about a holiday as it’s happening helps internalize the energies of that observance, and really brings the meaning home to your heart and life. Don’t forget to make notes of celebratory activities that you found particularly empowering so you can use them again.

Nature Notes: Whenever you get the chance to listen to the earth’s voice, I strongly advocate it. Nature is an important teacher. She whispers to us in every wind, the crackle of leaves, the cry of birds, and the pitter-patter of paws across the forest lawn. Even if that “forest” is only a nearby park, take your log out with you and make notes of the impressions you get from Earth’s classroom.

Magical Commitments & Goals: Any time you make a promise to yourself or the universe, detail it in your Personal Log. Then, keep track of your progress in achieving your goal. As you do, pay particular attention to and note any or all of the following:

The Exact Commitment and Goal: What did you decide to try to do, and when? Was the timing significant, and if so why? What motivated this decision? What do you hope to accomplish at the very least? If this exercise were to manifest in ideal form, what would be the outcome? The usefulness of these notes will become clear later as your efforts bring you closer to completion.

Feeling Held Back or Stumbling Blocks: You’ll want to design magical procedures to release those constraints and tear down the walls. Hint: If this procedure proves effective and helpful, copy it into the appropriate section of your grimoire.

Helpful and Motivating Forces: Return to these again and again until you attain your goal or fulfill you commitment. If the help or motivation comes from a person, ask if it’s okay to come to them (don’t simple assume help will be given). Remember, this is your spiritual quest, not theirs, and you must be the guru for your own life. Don’t let outside assistance become a crutch or the entire exercise will suffer.

Personal Struggles: The inner conflicts that often occur when you’re trying to reach a spiritual plateau are tremendous teachers. They’ll reveal both your weakness, which you can always work on, and your strengths, which you’ll want to depend on.

External and Internal Manifestations: While you’re trying to reach a particular goal or fulfill a commitment, I can almost guarantee the process will bring about changes in your life, either within or without (and often both). These transformations are a very important reflection of your spiritual learning process, so they should be given ample space in your log.

Results: When all is said and done, what was the outcome of this effort? Are you pleased with the results, and why? Would you recommend this as something for another person to try and if so how much magical knowledge is necessary to succeed? Do you plan to repeat the effort, and if so when and why?
Add anything else to your notes that you feel was significant to your success or failure, then use that knowledge in considering future goals and commitments.

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