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Where Magick Happens

Witchcraft in all its glory.

I've had a lot of requests lately about my where and what I use to cast my spells especially when dealing with my clients. My family is huge so we have a lot of little kids running around at all times. That and I don't like bringing strange energy or people into my home. So I use a 10 ft x 10 ft garage with concrete floor. Over the years this has become my personal sanctuary as well. 

So what do I have in it.... use an old white dresser and plastic totes to store my supplies. 300+ books on various occult subjects, heirloom sewing machine (yes it still works and I use it often : ), fold up table for tarot reading and lite work (soon to be replaced with a hardwood table), boxes of wax, toaster oven on steroids, large crockpot for soaps, two burner gas stove, bags of various metal scrap, beach towels for yoga/meditation, and my bicycle swinging from the ceiling (only way to keep the kids off of it)

Here is what I normally keep in my pantry (the white dresser and my plastic bins):

Tools: Mortar & Pestle, coffee grinder, small coffee pot, hammer, pliers, glue gun, wood burner, soldering gun, dremel. Various sizes of: filters, sifters, measuring spoons, measuring cups, syringes, droppers, jars, bottles, tips for guns and dremel.

Craft Supplies: Various: cloths, ribbons, strings, ropes, threads, wires, feathers, beads, paints, sponges, inks, quills, 

Spell Supplies:Various candles; herbs and resin (whole and powder), oils (carriers, essentials, and blends), incense (loose and resin), paper parchment, deer parchment (yes it's animal skin local not sheep), sand, bell grease, wasp nests, turtle shells, graveyard dirt, stones, wood pieces, gravel, wood disks, iron nails, salt, and black salts. 

And my trusty tarot cards. 

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Where Magick Happens Reviewed by Renee D Frey on 5:28 PM Rating: 5 Witchcraft in all its glory. I've had a lot of requests lately about my where and what I use to cast my spells especially when dealing w...

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