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Oak & Ash & Thorn - The Faerie Trees

Moonbeams dance on Oak and Ash and Thorn,
The magic people they here adorn.
By each of these three fairy trees,
To dance and sing on midnight breeze.

Grandfather Oak, home of the fay,
King of the forest leads the wise Druids way.
By Oak apples and acorns, by leaf and by branch,
Mysteries revealed - understandings advance.

MoonMother Ash brings harm to none,
Connecting this world with the Others as one.
Her wisdom found in runes and sees,
As above - so below, established with ease.

Hawthorn of the Witches and the Beltane and We,
Unlucky be those who ever cut thee.
Guardian of our chambers, holy wells and hills,
Gateway to the underworld of faerie free wills.

These sacred trees, empowered - revere,
The LuNanTiShee fae and many others here.
Yet death has come creeping into our lands,
Seizing our trees with insatiable hands.

Morning and evening hear the Goblins cry:
Come die! - Come die! with bacteria we fly...
Polutants unpecked and Blooms unsuspect,
All ripen together under our tender neglect.

Come die! come die! - see the stems bleed and cry,
Blackness bubbles and drips awry.
Towering trees now release the dark sky,
Come die! - call the Goblins as they hobble and pry.

GleAwGesCyrrpan the White Dragon,
In the gloaming does happen.
Without sweetness he finds,
An Oak very transformed around which the death windes.

Moonbeams dance on Oak and Ash and Thorn,
The magic people in sorrow now adjorn.
GleAwGescyrrPan the White Dragon he flees,
To tell the Faeries on breath of bees.

Mankind calls it Ash Dieback and Acute Oak Decline,
The trees of our island and their magic combine.
To withstand Goblin assault from their netherland,
A radiance is needed to overcome the dark hand.

Silver Faerie comes all pensefull - stumbling alone,
To assay the foul damage that Goblin has sown.
His heart collapse broken between the laying of leaves,
His tears fall as black, as deaths poisoned fleas.

Healing cantation with loves power to mend,
Bring pain and bring sickness to their singular end.
I will it so and thus weeping I weave,
Stand fast then! Bear well! I will now leave.

To WoodWose Greene we upon the wind,
With Henkie Troll and OtherWivet Toad winged.
For wisdom seek we the Lord of Trees,
The OfWundrian keeper of the magical keys.

Across the wide veils of the day and of night,
A terrible burden to somehow set right.
This party of three passed all kind of terrors,
Lest we never suceed - HeOnOn and EllEllEs. (from here and otherwise)

To WoodWose temple of lifes greengrowing delight,
An audience with wisdom in luminous hyght. (bliss)
Blow upon us a cleansing for the trees of the earth,
He delivered a blide blessing of infinite worth.

So returned we GeberScipe of three for the trees, (party)
with a Men-Nisc-Nis of a LeodSong in ancient tongue these. (incarnation / poem-Chant)
Gathered all to the Oak Tree in advance to intone,
It is arrived - a terrible vanquishing to lead good health home.

Disease! Disease! I beseech you away,
Each tree by heart spells be healed I pray.
With this invocation I will cast out your dark doing,
Breath blasted wickedness tis your time for the hewing;

Ic BonNan AbRreCan GastLic HaeLan,
GeBlanDan FraCod Adl Ge Nu HweorFan.
EoWer GamEtiGan LangLice Her EndE,
Se Maere Beams FreOþian FeLaMin FreondE.

(I summon a storm of spiritual healing)
(corrupt wicked disease now you must go)
(your empty time here ended)
(leave the illustrious trees care to my many friends so)

Grandfather Oak roots deep in the earth,
May new sun bring you strength, and joy and mirth.
May new moon bring you peace and rest to your fill,
By the fellowship of the Greenwood - overcome all your ill.

I will it thus, and so with this spell,
May you be ever happy, twice healthy, thrice well.
And as everything yet does come so in threes,
To you dear friend listener I also say please...

O people of the wisling world, be empowered and attest,
If Goblin tree sighted, summon from your wise men the best.
Take care of the shimmering and chanting of Oaks,
The faerie trees need all your prayers and your bright hopes.

Moonbeams dance on Oak and Ash and Thorn,
The magic people here are sworn.
By each of these three fairy trees,
To cherish and protect as natures trustees.

Author & Copyright © 2013 Celestial Elf, All rights reserved.
Posted by: Renee D Frey
Creative Commons does not apply to this article.

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