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Magick Point Of View

My experiences have taught me that magic, when properly perceived and understood, is the thoughtfully deliberate application of very natural forces in equally natural ways to produce desired changes in our living reality. Our traditions and “systems,” currents, and forms of magic become preferential choices of mode, example, and expression. Magic is magic. Regardless of how we approach its mysteries (if our chosen path is worthy to be called magical), we will each arrive at the same conclusion; nature is magical. Every relevant principal of magic is revealed through nature.

Magic itself is a very simple thing to understand. Its application is a very natural action. In many ways, everyone instinctively knows how magic works, yet our familiarity with it is so pervasive that we tend to hardly give notice to those simple truths of reality which can teach us how to become consciously involved in its process of manifesting our experiences. It was great wisdom on the part of those perceptual engineers so long ago which initiated the various paths and systems of magical learning and practice which have served as faithful transmissions of concept and discovery throughout all ages and cultures. In almost every generation there have been those who, appreciating the principles of true magical philosophy, have created and propagated traditions of learning and practice which answered the need of interested souls in ways that they understood would be most effective in articulating the specific experiences that would lead to understanding. As a result, there are many paths, yet one destination.

Early in our magical journey there seems to be many different types and ways of magic. There is a tradition or system for just about every taste. Each seems wholly effective for many of their respective adherents. Almost all that I am familiar with seem relatively effective. Yet, as tide and season turn true, we begin to see progressively more clearly that all (and then some) have much more in common than not. Eventually we begin to entertain an experience wherein the universality of magic and its implications transcend the traditions we observe to arrive at its actualization; we perceive that magic is an experience of a first order, and our various traditions and systems simply second order attempts to reveal it to us. As our roots reach deeper into its mysteries, every magical practitioner begins to recognize that its “answers” were right before our eyes all along. If they had been venomous snakes, each of us would have died many times over. It would seem that only because it is so persistent throughout every experience, and so perceptually natural in manifestation, that we tend to overlook the most obvious expressions of it in the world around us. The traditions and systems had been masterfully designed to predictably lead the aspirant from blind ignorance to specific experiences which would reliably result in an awareness of the very nature of reality and how it works. More importantly, we become aware of how we create the experiences we have, and such an awareness then begs increasingly conscious involvement and purpose in our choices of those experiences.

Time persists. We learn to be more conscious of our magical actions. We discover that the first and most perfect teacher of magical wisdom is nature herself. Gradually, the realization begins to creep upon us; nature was intended to both “teach” us how reality works, and be the medium through which we would have experience of it. That is, life’s “instruction book” was written into life itself, expressed through any and every thing we might perceive, and seemingly to ensure that we would naturally come to recognize it. Magic, therefore, is the use of those forces and principles of nature to create desired changes in reality. It is not so much that we have discovered some “secret knowledge” which allows us to exercise supernatural authority over reality, but that we more turned our attention to some of the most obvious aspects of it as it is experienced through nature, and have applied in our own lives what we have learned as a result. All magic results in and from a “higher” understanding of nature.

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Posted by: Renee D Frey
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Magick Point Of View Reviewed by Renee D Frey on 1:13 PM Rating: 5 My experiences have taught me that magic, when properly perceived and understood, is the thoughtfully deliberate application of very natural...

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