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Spell For Hire

As most know I, +Renee D Frey, am a old school witch and a "spell for hire". Curses and love spells are my highest spells in demand. Price? Depends on what your after. Karma? I'll get into that soon enough...keep reading.

~The karma I am speaking of is the cause and effect that most people deal with from the reactions to their personal choices.

My clients come to me in highly charged emotional states. They want a "quick fix" for their problem. Spells, curses, hexes, charms, potions....list goes on. These items can and do help but you also have to get off your ass and get involved in the process for it to happen. Example: If I give you a love spell. You can't go home and just camp in front of the tv and expect your soul mate to walk through the door. Most clients do not understand this at first. So drill this into their head if you have one. Will make your life easier when dealing with them.

The first question I get from other witches about being a "spell for hire" is "karma". How do I keep from getting karma especially when I cast curses and love spells. First magic is an energy form that is controlled to bring about the manifestation of someone's will. My will is not involved when I create this spell, my client's will is. I gather and harness the energy for the purpose the client wants. The client has to complete the spell. This is usually done by them sprinkling a powder, knotting a string, or lighting a candle. The allows the client to do the actual casting of the spell and making them responsible for it.

This is no different then working at McDonald's. If you serve someone a hamburger knowing it will cause them bad health your not responsible for them eating it then dying from a heart attack. Or if your hosting a party. If someone gets drunk, drives home, and kills someone your not responsible for their stupidity. Yes I hear the arguments all the time: you should collect the keys, you allowed them to do this, you hosted the party...blah blah.

Point is your an adult and responsible for your own actions. If you choose to do something then it is your cause and effect action that you will be punished or rewarded from. Do I believe in "karma"? Yes. I DO believe when you make a choice you had better be ready for the ripples to roll out in all directions, effecting changes that will directly effect you. This is similar to throwing a pebble in a pond.

Yes! they do. Most people that come to me to have a curse removed did not have a curse cast on them by someone else. Instead their general bad decisions or a bit of bad luck from their planetary alignments has lead them to believe this has happened. This starts the process of what we call "the law of attraction". If you think you have been cursed then you will attract more negative energy which reinforces the idea you have been by more bad things happening. This keeps going and going....till they actual curse themselves.Which is why when a person believes they have been cursed, even if they originally wasn't by someone else, it still has to be removed cause they have actually cast a curse on themselves. This would be amusing if not for the destructive nature behind the process.

You will from time to time will get someone who truly is cursed by another. If your not experienced in dealing with this then please get some help from someone who is. Things can go wrong quickly when dealing with a curse cast by a powerful practitioner of the arts.

They are no different then curses. You cast, let the client complete, and karmic effect is still the same. Do I feel its wrong to force someone to love someone else? No, because a love spell can not make another truly love you. It can make them want you, lust for you and even become severely controlling of you. Which for some is good enough. I have found that those who have used love spells find that they fail when they try to split what most refer to as "soul mates" apart.

The concept of soul mates goes to a primordial level of the soul. Is like someone trying to create or destroy energy. You can't. You can change it, move it, or direct it but you can't create or destroy it. For those people that the love spell is cast on the spell can break when they come into contact with a soul mate. Soul mates come in lots of flavors from family members, friends, or lovers. The power they have of healing each other when soul mates interact can undo any residual effect a controlling spell has (doesn't work on curses). Most people do not marry their soul mates and many never make contact within an entire lifetime. Thou most like to believe they do.

So if you want to be a "spell for hire" make sure the client finishes the spell so "karma" doesn't kick you in your backside. Be cautious of the drama queens that have curses on them all the time. Which is why we charge for our services. If you work for free they will leach the life out of you. Most of all protect your self and family.

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Spell For Hire Reviewed by Unknown on 10:58 PM Rating: 5 As most know I, +Renee D Frey , am a old school witch and a "spell for hire". Curses and love spells are my highest spells in dema...

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