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What Witch Is Which?

What Is A Kitchen Witch?
A kitchen witch was the first of all witches. Before Wicca, labels, and stereotypes. The home and hearth was the birth of magic. The need to improve health, food, and harmony with the understanding that everything has an energy to it brought about the ability to use this energy to make changes. Otherwise known to witches as magic, magick, or majic (however you would like to spell it). Yes I've been told many times this is what Wicca is. No its not. Wicca is a RELIGION that uses WITCHCRAFT aka spellcasting. Witchcraft is not limited to any one religion. Witchcraft can be used by all religions.

What Does A Kitchen Witch Do?
As time has progressed the old names: hedge witch, cunning folk, village healer, hag, etc. have fallen away and the new name is on the scene. Some claim to be a kitchen witch you have to craft all the items your family uses within the kitchen. Maybe for some traditions but not for most. Most kitchen witches use what we have at our disposal to get the "job" (spell) done. We don't run out to the store and gather all these spell materials to craft our spells. Instead we use what we have in our homes. We use herbs, stones, metals, what ever we can find for their energy properties. We use this energy to create spells with our food, cleaning products, homemade items, etc. Do we cast a circle when we do this? Not unless your Wicca. Witchcraft doesn't require circles, quarter calls, and sacred space this is a Wicca ritual concept. If I need to cast a protection spell for the members of family. I can simple make a chili that I have charged with the concept of providing protection for my family. The spell is cast by them eating the chili. I create the spell by adding the ingredients. I don't have to get dressed up in a robe, create sacred space, call a circle, summon quarters and gods to make my protection chili. Instead I gather my ingredients, infuse each item with my intent while I am chopping and dicing, maybe speak some words over the dish and serve. Spell is done!

No Ritual???
The idea of a witch (not a wiccan) creating sacred space is uncalled for. The earth is sacred in its own rite. The idea of creating a circle is not needed, a witch doesn't need to create and seal in the magic. A witch is perfectly capable of gathering energy to them and keeping it controlled without the help of a magical boundary line. We do, at times, create what some now call a compass round if we are working with elements that are dangerous or harmful but this is rare. Summoning quarters and gods? Not usually, some will work with deity energy if their tradition calls for it most do not. We do honor our deities through our choice of religion not through our spellwork. A witch uses their own personal energy and the energy of creation (few traditions use deity energy). There is many varies views of the energy of creation. Below is some of the different views from different cultures.

  • Pagan: earth, air, fire, and water (my tradition uses these)
  • Babylonian: wind, fire, earth, sea, and sky
  • Greek & Tibetan: air, water, fire, earth, and aether
  • Chinese: wood, water, earth, fire, and metal
  • Japanese: air, water, earth, fire, and void
  • Hindu and Buddhist: vayu (wind or air), ap (water), agni (fire), prithvi (earth), and akasha (hindu not buddist)
  • Medieval Alchemy: air, fire, water, and earth (these four are always found); aether (sometimes found in traditions of Alchemy using 5 elements); sulfur, mercury, and salt (classical traditions making 8 elements).

Wicca's Roots
Wicca was created by Gerald Gardner as a religion that uses witchcraft, the art of spellcasting, and introduced this new system to the public in 1954. It draws upon some of Aleister Crowley's religious philosophy of Thelema and a lot of hermetic motifs by Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn for its theological structure and ritual practice. Doreen Valiente rewrote most of Gerald Gardner original material removing as much reference as she could to the Golden Dawn and adding in the poetic pieces that most know today within Wicca.

by: Renee D Frey
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